Smiling with Confidence: A Visit to Smile Doctors Hammond is a dental practice that specializes in orthodontic treatments such as traditional metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign. The practice is located in Hammond, Louisiana and is run by Dr. John T. Hammons.

Upon arriving at the practice, patients are greeted by a friendly and welcoming staff. The waiting room is clean and comfortable, with a variety of magazines and books available to read. Once called in for the appointment, patients are taken through a thorough consultation process where their dental and orthodontic history is discussed and their current oral health is evaluated.

Dr. Hammons and his team use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure that each patient receives the best possible treatment. They use digital X-rays, which produce clearer and more detailed images than traditional X-rays, and 3D scans, which allow for more accurate planning of treatment.

During the consultation, Dr. Hammons will discuss the patient's goals and concerns and recommend a treatment plan that is tailored to their specific needs. For patients who need braces, they will discuss the different options available, including traditional metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign.

Traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces and are the most visible option. They consist of metal brackets and wires that are attached to the teeth and adjusted over time to straighten them. Clear braces are similar to traditional metal braces but are made of a clear material, making them less visible. Invisalign is a clear aligner system that is virtually invisible and is custom-made to fit the patient's teeth.

Once the treatment plan is decided, patients will have a series of appointments to have their braces or aligners fitted. The length of treatment will depend on the individual case, but on average traditional metal braces are worn for about two years, clear braces for about 18 months and Invisalign treatment ranges from 6-18 months.

Patients are provided with detailed instructions on how to care for their braces or aligners and are given a schedule for regular check-ups and adjustments. Dr. Hammons and his team are always available to answer any questions or concerns that patients may have throughout the treatment process.

One of the things that sets Smile Doctors Hammond apart from other orthodontic practices is their use of AcceleDent, a device that can be used to speed up the treatment time of traditional braces by up to 50%. The device uses gentle vibrations to stimulate the bone and tissues in the mouth, which can help to speed up the process of tooth movement.

In addition to orthodontic treatments, Smile Doctors Hammond also offers a range of other dental services such as teeth cleaning, fillings, and extractions. They also have a highly qualified team of dental specialists who can provide more advanced treatments such as root canals and periodontal therapy.

Smile Doctors Hammond is dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality of care and achieving the best possible results. They use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that each patient receives the most effective treatment.

The practice is committed to making orthodontic treatment affordable for everyone, and offer a range of financing options to help make treatment more accessible. They also accept a wide range of insurance plans, including Medicaid and Louisiana Children’s Health Insurance Program (LaCHIP).

Overall, Smile Doctors Hammond is an excellent choice for anyone in need of orthodontic treatment. The practice is run by a highly skilled and experienced team who are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care. With a range of treatment options available, including traditional metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign, patients can choose